Lines of Glory – Geometric Wall Art

Geometric wall art is really an ambiguous combo of words that can make every interior design hotshot burst open with enthusiasm. During this little insight into the phenomenon, we’ll try to avoid “Malevich-esque” squares in the middle of the canvas. This is about tasteful austerity and a clever use of […]

7 inspiring photographers to borrow from

7 Inspiring Photographers to Borrow from

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say, so why not give some respect and try out an already established great role model or two? These 7 inspiring photographers are globally renowned and aspiring masters of their game, tirelessly blending lines between documentary photography and legitimate fine art creations, always […]

7 seriously tasteful vinyl designs

7 Seriously Tasteful Vinyl Designs

In the last couple of decades, vinyl embellishments seem to have become a self-sufficient art form in and of itself. It’s the last stamp on the audial piece of art, something that serves the fundamental mission of delivering a striking first impression. These days, it is almost as important as […]