Christmas video tutorials

10 Awesome Christmas Video Tutorials Found on the Web

With the year’s most important festivity coming in at a vigorous rate, there’s no time to waste on shady DIY Christmas photo projects without any basic guidelines to follow! has compiled 10 amazing video tutorials dedicated to the creation of the perfect Christmas greeting card imagery. These are fast, simple, and exciting to follow! Enjoy!

*Software in use: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Contemporary Greeting Card Design

This video includes comprehensive insight into the process of Christmas greeting card creation and involves a lot of interesting nuances as well as a couple of neatly-looking freebies! Among them is a complete package of ready-made Christmas vector art! Enjoy pure fun during the process and a super-tasteful result!

Artificial Lights

Presented is a particularly interesting artificial string light effect, mainly because for the better part of the video, it looks like it’ll never work out, except, of course,  that it does and very authentically so!

A Quirky One for Your Friends

More of a lesson on how to mock your friends Christmas-style than a perfectly serious tutorial, this one will come in handy to create an awesome prank Christmas greeting card. Your friends will appreciate the intentional naiveté of this design!

Fake Christmas Bokeh

Faking bokeh like a boss! Now, this effect would look especially great with a person in the foreground, yet it’s not a requirement. As a nice alternative, you can simply add a small and tasteful Christmas greeting message in the middle of a simple bokeh image without any focused object in the center. Go to to do so!

Turning Summer into Winter

This is also a really interesting tutorial that basically shows how to convert any image into a Christmas card-like scenery. Be it a regular country house or a little suburban hut, just follow these steps and you will have a scene from that distant snow-clad village from your childhood’s fairy tale! Also, this technique provides a kind of drawing quality characteristic to the classic greeting card aesthetic! Faux vintage fans, this is for you!

One For All of Your Friends

Here is another one that will work perfectly for a greeting card series designed specifically for your best buds. A creative, funny and relatively easy way to trap your friends in a snow globe, this one requires a group photo to be made prior! You’ll see why and why it’s worth the effort!

Adorable Cartoon Aesthetic

An adorable Christmas greeting card design suitable for all age groups, this one does not demand too much Adobe Illustrator experience! Also, the uploader has taken great care of the viewers by including a bunch of festivity-themed freebies that are actually used in the tutorial. Work with a gorgeous cartoon style and end with a result that’s completely indistinguishable from a professionally made greeting card! Also, this is a great way to decorate your little one’s first photo mug!

Creating Your Own Christmas Wrapping

We’re including One more for those who didn’t get enough of the first one! Using the same free vector patterns, kindly provided by Teela Cunnigham, you can now express your creative inclinations by designing your own wrapping paper! Needless to say, a DIY gift item in a DIY wrapping paper will transform the gift into a truly personal and sincere experience!

Party Flyers

Tired of the silence and peace? Planning a seismic all-night Christmas party with live carol singing and the most creative Christmas games? Then definitely check this out! This tutorial reveals an easy way to create really authentic Christmas party flyers ready for your friend’s mailboxes!

The Ugly Sweater Look

This last one is for those with a penchant for particularly ugly Christmas sweaters! Also a great option for mock greeting cards, this tutorial makes you feel like a real expert (thanks to the uploaders talent for explaining things), while the results are totally open to your interpretation. It could be a funny homage to the whole ugly sweater stereotype, only printed on your T-shirt or an embellishment for somebody’s new photo blanket! The options are limitless!

Needless to say, Christmas greeting cards are not the only option for the designs above. With some additional creative input from your side, these can easily become your new wall art decorations or heartfelt, DIY photo gifts for those most special in your life!