10 Instagram Accounts to Steal Your Easter Decor Ideas From

10 Instagram Accounts to Steal Your Easter Decor Ideas From

10 Instagram Accounts to Steal Your Easter Decor Ideas From

With Easter closing in, it’s the right time to scavenge through some inspiring Instagram feeds in order to steal a good idea or two. With the emphasis on the DIY approach and the less-is-better philosophy, we’ve picked 10 Instagram accounts that will inspire your Easter decor solutions this year. Let’s have a look, shall we!


When it comes to Kailochic, it’s all about lush colours, beautiful patterns on eggs and different variations of the Easter Bunny theme. The best thing about them? All their projects are very accessible and easy to replicate! Simple, original and very spring-esque, design ideas by Kailo Chich will surely bring the sun into your hearts and homes!



Littleteawagon conjures incredibly cute and trendy-looking Easter greeting cards, perfect not only for congratulating your loved ones but also for a simple display on your mantel or living room table. Combining graphic art with handiwork, it’s the perfect crossroads between childlike naivety and serious contemporary design aesthetics.


C.Loves.C presents simple, somewhat muted decor palettes with beautifully restrained tones that organically complement the surrounding interior. There are no colour explosions, yet it never was a requirement to begin with. Sometimes, it’s all about peace and harmony, something that C.Loves.C truly excels at!



Handmadecharlotte makes items that could be best described as a fusion of decor pieces and toys. They are the perfect Easter inspiration for those who love a healthy dose of fun and like to experiment. From gift bags to quirky marionettes and candy that resembles something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory, it’s truly creativity bursting!



Robotka Reczna actively proves that wreaths are not just a thing for Christmas. With subtle tones and intricate details, Paulina creates visually impressive compositions that expertly combine floristics and handicrafts. A delightfully rustic vibe is all over the feed!




OnMyDoorstep is another Instagram feed which offers a refreshing take on the whole wall decor thing. With a focus on banners, wreaths and different kinds of hand-crafted tabletop decor pieces, Kristen captures the spring feeling like no other!



DIY-detaljer isn’t just a hub for inspiration but is more of a lesson in creating the most amazing things from the most simple and unconventional materials. Whether it’s a table decor or a particularly original Easter candle holder, this account will be a true thrill to your DIY sense.

Although Emsdesginblog is yet to acquire a larger exposure (which it surely deserves), the ideas found on their feed can seriously compete with any large-calibre Instagram DIY decor-themed account out there. Rebekka’s creations are clever, inspiringly simple (though deceivingly so) and genuinely exciting to recreate.


Archistacja makes Easter monochromatic, minimalistic and irresistibly trendy. With beautiful bunny cut outs, geometric wall art and a great stylistic consistency, you need so little to make this festivity beautiful!


So, how about going full Tim Burton mode for the last one? An Easter like you’ve never seen before, Vee.zel offers a completely different take on the whole affair! With dominating dark hues and an Easter Bunny not to joke with, they’re really another proof of what a goldmine of unconventional creativity Instagram really is!

Don’t have even the slightest idea what to do with your home this Easter? Make sure to borrow from the Instagram creatives listed above! Alternatively, you can order beautiful Easter wall art for a discount price on My-Picture.co.uk! This way, you’ll make sure there’s one problem less when the next Easter’s around!