10 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for Those Who Just Woke Up!

10 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for Those Who Just Woke Up!

Have you completely overslept? Have you ignored all the heart-shaped candy in stores, the reruns of all-time classic love stories, and all the Instagram inspirations? Well, these things happen. With that said, there’s really no reason to panic.

Although you might have missed your chance to book a nice table in a luxurious restaurant or buy a couple of tickets for the new ensemble cast of Love Actually re-shot in a Valentine’s Day setting, there are plenty of other pretty amazing options to go with. For example, staying in your pajamas for the whole day, ordering an arsenal of Chinese food, and settling down for a night spent in the realm of Netflix.

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Okay, to make the night at least somewhat resemble the day of all lovers, there are a couple of incredibly simple decor pieces you could employ to make your nest more Valentine-esque.

Yes, this time we’re resorting to total simplicity. None of these YouTube tutorials requires specific tools, skills, or time. In fact, what you’ll need in most of the cases are scissors, a glue stick, and some handicraft ingenuity.

Here We Go!


So, your SO ran outside for a bottle of red wine or ingredients for your DIY Valentine’s day pizza? Use your time smartly! In this tutorial by the channel named Crafting Hours, you’ll be introduced to what’s probably the quickest way of creating hanging paper cards! Scissors, paper jute, and strips of colour paper are all that is needed. Welcome your other half back with colorful decor that came from nowhere!


This begs for no commentary. Seemingly made for those who cannot afford to invest too much time and effort, this wonderful DIY tutorial by AmandaRachLee is so well-paced, self-aware, and full of irresistible simplicity that you just may end up with all four decor pieces presented.


Okay, of all tutorials, this one here really requires bare minimum resources and is, in fact, manageable in a timeframe that’s actually spent on a regular grocery store visit. Just a sheet of red paper and scissors, that’s all you need for this minimal, yet adorable, Valentine’s Day decor!


Pay attention to the view count! This blockbuster of a DIY tutorial by BastelnMitPapier is the mother of simple decor solutions. The perfect paper, scissors, glue formula, and intriguing process lead to a surprisingly stunning result considering the time and resources invested!


Crafting Hours are back! However, here, things get a tad bit more sophisticated. Apart from scissors and patience, this one will also require a ruler, ribbon, and stapler! Okay, there’ really nothing that difficult here. Once you have your strips cut out, it’s all just the joy of stapling your hearts together!


Although this might look like the most difficult and demanding tutorial on here, it couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, it’s an affirmation of the power that a single glue gun can actually possess! Just add a bunch of cheap materials picked out in the nearest stationery store and some found on-the-spot fabrics. Moma From Scratch Approves!


Here, we resort to exercises in the art of Origami (sort of). A tiny, in fact, miniature decor that you could either add to your actual present or multiply and scatter on the surface of a table (with different messages contained inside, of course), this is a nice way of saying very much with very little. Again, there’s the cute, childlike naivety of the design and lack of any substantial effort necessary to create it. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day decor for those who forgot about February 14th!


A never-ending greeting card – can you actually make one with a few strips of coloured paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a paper knife? Apparently, you really can. A decor which displays human ingenuity at its best, it’s a combination of an illusion, toy, and greeting card all in one. Although the mechanic is applicable to pretty much any festivity out there, it would be a neat way to leave a big impact with a couple of hours’ worth of work!


So, how can one upgrade the concept of flowers? Is there a way to top a dozen of lush red roses? The answer is simple – no, there isn’t. It’s great enough if you manage to acquire the regular bouquet when the day is due. To escape the unfortunate situation of missing out completely, you should equip yourself with a pack of napkins and some wires. Watch the tutorial to understand why this unorthodox combo might work out!


Three dollars and three minutes, these are all the resources you need in order to create this Valentine’s decor piece. Replace the word with any other phrase that best describes your union or pick a beautiful monochrome Polaroid shot and glue it to the glass. Surround it with some additional cutouts or painted ornaments, and you got it! A beautiful DIY wall art piece without any saccharine aesthetic to it!

Surely, you can also have a seemingly decent, ready-made item from your local store. However, in the case of Valentine’s Day, it’s really worth thinking twice! Is shining regalia coming straight from a store shelf (and, as such, ultimately has very little to do with your life) really better than an unfinished, yet sweet, DIY manifesto of your true affection?