5 Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018

Although it’s pretty obvious that summer 2018 is here to stay, poor interior design choices can often sweep the feeling away completely. Heavy, overwhelming decor elements, unfortunate colour juxtapositions and an unnecessarily stuffed living space can often leave one feeling deprived of oxygen. My-Picture.co.uk offers you five simple design hacks to turn your place into a genuine summer oasis!

Use Greens – A Lot of Them

Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018 Plants and greens

An obvious choice since herbs and plants actually introduce nature into your interior. And, it’s not just a good way to produce some extra oxygen. Thanks to their lush appearance, plants can help create a very eco-infused appearance. Organic materials, rustic furnishings and regular jars for flower pots will create a combination that signals freedom, creativity and co-existence with nature. Looking particularly amazing in white-dominated interiors, greens are a true summer décor and are a living, breathing part of your interior. As a last resort, you can turn to printing tropical foliage on your cushions, blankets or any other interior element as botanica print motifs are another emerging trend!

Use Boho Chic Accessories – Don’t Be a Minimalist

Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018 boho chic interior

The dawn of 2018 saw a great shift in the world of interior design. After years of exploitation, the world finally seems to have abandoned its fling with the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. While the style itself has no obvious flaws, it seems that the general public simply grew tired of it. Instead, we have a loud, colourful, eclectic mix of elements known as maximalism. Referencing Boho chic is another element of this new trend! Fabrics, draperies, ethnic motifs, patterns, rattan furnishings, distinct wall decorations – the new trend screams carefree attitude and looseness. It is a return to the flower power philosophy if you will.

Colours for Life

Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018 Millennial Pink Ultraviolet

As a result of this new mix-it-all-together trend, it’s only natural that people are designing their surroundings to include as many different colours as possible. One of the most obvious design elements that’s been affected by this trend is doors. Whether it’s millennial pink or aquatic blue, your kitchen getaway or the central entrance, colourful doors are one of the key trends of summer 2018. Why not colour our everyday lives if we can?

Patterns & Textures (Everywhere)

Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018 patterns on the wall

Tiles, bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, macrame – summer 2018 sees everything covered in bold and eye-catching textures! The Far East-inspired patterns, herringbones, and floral motifs will refresh any room you can think of! Mixing together cultural influences with vintage attributes and contemporary aesthetics (different shades of purple and neon decor) is what this season is all about!

Bold Wall Art

Essential Decor Trends of Summer 2018 beach drone photo canvas print

It’s not just a coincidence that our favourite stock photo websites are filled with aerial photos featuring sandy beaches. More so than ever, having a great, uplifting photo wall art is a thing to look after! Enough with dreary and emotionally oppressing minimalist depictions of big letters and monochrome landscapes (save them for autumn). Inspiring, lush and, at times, stylistically conflicting wall art is what you should aim for! Large-scale collages featuring numerous print formats are another trend that has been going for the last couple of years and has seen no decline in popularity.

Setting up your place for summer 2018 is not nearly as difficult as it seems. In fact, it’s all about letting your imagination roam freely. Make sure to use tones that inspire you, but keep your eye on the tones that define 2018 – ultraviolet, pastels, deep black and 80’s-inspired technicolour hues. The design keyword for the season: eclecticism.