5 Instagram Artist Feeds to Elevate Your Spirits

As niche and relatively inaccessible as it was even three decades ago, art has now become an inseparable, organic part of the social media ecosystem. Snaps of millennial-something creatives splashing hues in their private studios can give you an approximate notion of just how exciting and refreshing it is to lead an artist’s life in 2018. Quirky, political, and ready to throw punches at anyone who’s ready to take them, these are essential Instagram profiles you should definitely peek into in 2018!

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Devin Troy Strother

There’s hardly a more difficult goal than becoming the Michael Jordan of the art world. Devin Troy Strother, however, is fully determined to achieve this, insisting that the legendary athlete broke the race threshold, thus becoming a supreme entity. Instantly recognizable by the irresistible quirkiness, energy, consistently lengthy, and often hilarious titles and cutouts against seemingly hastily dropped backgrounds, Strother reflects on the omnipresent issues outside and within the subject of race.


Jen Stark


Have you noticed the ever so slight revival of psychedelia, just shaken and diluted with virtuosity and exercises in a 3D environment? Jen Stark’s explosive colours, intricate animations, and patterns have graced the cover of Cosmopolitan, been featured in the VMA’s, billboards, swimsuits, T’s, mugs, and so many other objects and projects. It’s the joy of colors in motion!


Daniel Arsham


Blending together installations, drawings, graphics, photography, and performance art, Arsham is as interdisciplinary as it gets. Creating detailed casts of seemingly ordinary things (jackets, football helmets, guitars) using molds, Arsham surely knows how to make us feel petty. Made to resemble old relics decayed as a result of obsolescence, the items that define the popular culture of the last 50 years suddenly seem so tiny and irrelevant against the backdrop of time. What an uncanny ambiance!


Porous Walker


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Right, Porous Walker is probably a real case of NSFW, so, depending on the circumstances, you can either click it right away or save this treat for later. With a lot of phallic references (to put it in the most diplomatic way possible), Walker is quite possibly the most hilarious artist on the list. The commentary is just as hard-hitting as it’s funny- just check it out yourself!





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The cheeky cloud already indicates the general vibe of this irresistibly sweet Instagram feed! Working together since 2002, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sanduvol III have been propagating their playful, medium-crossing style for more than 15 years as of now! Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, the Nintendo-ish charms of their creative endeavors (keep in mind, this is a neatly disguised fine art at its best) are bound to spellbind you.

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*Title image – Devin Troy Strother “Devin Troy Strother x Rob Pruitt x Cory Arcangel x Walead Beshty x A Sad Face x 10 Michael Jordans” (2014)