6 Unique Ways to Capture Your Wedding Day

One of the most important days of one’s life simply has to be perpetuated in the most unique way possible. Even more, what’s taken on the day of the ring exchange, can be later used to create a superbly original anniversary gift! These days, most of the couples are becoming increasingly keen for their wedding day to be immortalized in the most original way imaginable, so photographers and editors have to come up with new and exciting ways to represent the newly-weds on the day when they really own the world! The following is just a little snippet in the wide array of creative forms available to capture your wedding day and, more importantly, that special glare of the bride and groom! 

Drones in Action!

Using drones for aerial photography. Unique ways to capture your wedding.

A rather controversial “appliance” these days, a drone can actually be used to carry out some of the most creative photo shoots one could possibly think of. Regarding the wedding procession, drones that are actively used to capture amazing aerial shots are now taken into action to take pictures of the ring exchange from high above. After the procession, the guests and the newlyweds come together to make all kinds of heart shapes and romantic slogans for the drone to film and take images of from the bird’s view, and it’s an exciting addition to the wedding edit that’ll follow. 

*A thing to keep in mind, though, is the fact that there are areas where drone flights are not allowed. If you ever consider using one, be sure to coordinate your actions with the respective authorities!

Epic Approach

This, though, refers more to the video department. As it turns out, there’s an increasing amount of couples asking the photographers to take epic shots, slow motion videos and other things that turn the procession into an inspiring spectacle. It’s all done to create a final wedding movie that would work almost like a Hollywood production. That is – telling a story and igniting a vast range of emotions,  expect this approach to have a lot of close-ups of crying parents, the bride coming down the stairs, the fiance and his bridesman exchanging hugs and a romantic indie soundtrack in the background. Works like a charm! And don’t forget piano driven scenes of the empty wedding venue before the ceremony and the aerial shots of the same place during the dancefloor frenzy

Produce an epic wedding film or photo story as your wedding anniversary gift

*There actually are companies that can do the editing right on the spot, thus, ensuring that at some point, guests and the newlyweds will have an emotional cinematic experience on the same, very special day!

Incorporating GIF Technique

Taking into account the web popularity of the GIF (graphic interchange format), it is not a surprise that there’s an increasing amount of photographers incorporating the format in the photo editing process. The result is a rather interesting hybrid of stillness and movement, which, in most cases, works surprisingly well. Imagine the couple standing there with indifferent expressions, while the next frame sees them exploding in happiness and firing the flower bouquet into the stratosphere! A fun little image to boast with on social media (personal blogs and Tumblr among many others).

Wedding GIFs are the new wedding media phenomenon

image source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/15/wedding-trailblazers_n_3755251.html

*Other Wedding GIFs have more poetic sensibility (just look them up, there’s plenty of them), as the couple stands still, with the only thing moving being a branch of a tree, birds in the sky or waves in the sea. Basically, the background makes it alive while the couple is rather stuck in that great moment in which time is a non-existent unit. The wedding GIF above is created by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett – an amazingly talented wedding photographer, so you better look him up!

First Look Photos

This is another pretty recent phenomenon in the field of wedding photography and a one that, in a sense, is contradictory to one of the oldest wedding traditions (t.i. weds seeing each other for the first time only during the procession). However, the “first look” pictures have a special quality of true happiness and larger-than-life admiration between the couple involved, and it might help to ease the emotional stress both sides are most likely going through on a certain level. Basically, it’s like a series of pictures, depicting the first look from both bride’s and fiance’s perspectives.

First Look photos can later form a comic strip in a wedding anniversary gift photo book!

*This inspiring display of honest emotion can later be transformed into picture series that could compile up a cute comic strip in your wedding photo book!

There’s No Wedding Day, It’s the Wedding Week!

With an ever-growing desire to capture everything that’s special about the particular love story, couples are now keen to perpetuate the whole building process behind the ceremony! It is exposed through lovely and awkward interviews and self-reflections before the camera and the whole shopping and planning process with the people involved sharing frustrations and moments of genuine happiness. Just like something in the style of reality TV. This is again more of a video-related thing, but there are also many who pick the aforementioned, a bit whimsical and humorous aesthetics, to make photo collages of the experiences from the wedding week. 

Wedding week as an anniversary gift film or image series.

*If you decide to follow the example, be sure to organize your schedule! It’s a time-consuming process and, between all the important things, it can be easily forgotten or carried out rather perfunctorily.

Super-Funny Wedding Party Group Photo

The more over-the-top the better! This is where you should use all the available props and stuff that’s around and instruct everybody to give the best of their idea of “funny face”! Funny group photos have always been a thing, but only now with all the rather crazy social media actions going on, funny group photos are almost like the new wedding group photo standard! They can be thematic or simply an improvised, laugh-inducing mess. The only rule there is – avoid being boring! This type of wedding photo may actually help to reduce the sometimes overwhelming importance!

Funny wedding group photo is what the wedding is all about these days.

*A rather eccentric idea – Make it look like the guests are angry at the photographer and are running for him like the opposite team in a rugby match! Ask the photographer to take pictures constantly as the “army” of wedding guests are running across the field towards him! The resulting facial expressions will be worth gold!

Find Your Wedding Approach!

Well, we said it’s unique, but as the aforementioned ways are already practiced by good thousands of people, it seems like the word “unique” is kinda misplaced. Anyway, the way you capture your wedding day is completely up to your preferences. In some aspects, we can help you out, namely to create a photo gift for your first wedding anniversary (and for the next fifty of them, if you like)! Check out the numerous ways you can turn your wedding photos into a customized wedding photo gift!  Your first dance is a special occasion worth a special, personalised wedding gift!