7 Wall Art Solutions to Reduce Your Stress

During the latter part of 2016, Pantone Color Institute released their long-awaited annual prognosis for the dominant hues of 2017. The colour we presumably have to take into account whenever considering a new interior decor or a fresh wardrobe addition turned out to be Greenery 15-0343. Coinciding with the upcoming season, this zesty yellow-green shade and the better part of its hue-related siblings are all about revival, lushness and the vigor of spring. It’s safe to say that these life-affirming qualities, as well as the overall vitality of the year’s official tone, can only have a positive impact if utilized in the right manner. Operating with the greenery colour pairings assembled by Pantone themselves, My-Picture.co.uk shares a couple of examples on how to exploit the benefits of Greenery 15-0343 for your psychological and physical well-being!

GREENERY 15-0343

Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Greenery 15-0343

First off, this is the official hue of 2017 itself. We already listed some of its characteristics in the introductory paragraph, yet there is so much more going on! As Pantone themselves put it – Greenery 15-0343 stands for the general mood and attitude of 2017. Being an omnipresent hue and the embodiment of nature’s inherent beauty, Greenery 15-0343 is the perfect choice for a wall art that functions as a tame yet energizing decor element. It is like a window to spring, if you like. The neutrality of the tone also sets in a kind of harmony; there’s no explosive character and no unpredictable dynamics.


Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Transitions

“Transitions” are the first step of actual colour pairings assembled by Pantone. Featuring the most complementing hues of Greenery 15-0343, these pairings generally differentiate in the mood and ambiance they convey. The first Transitions are a light, subtle and tepid combination that conveys the pleasant chill of a rainy summer day. This is arguably one of the more soothing and serene of pairings with a legitimately therapeutical effect on its owner.


Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Ethereal Material

Ethereal Material is nature in its full, inspiring fruitfulness. The combination has chilly tones that somehow manage to sparkle, and it has the appearance of a spring meadow minutes prior to the sun sinking down the horizon entirely. There’s a glaze characteristic to the warm summer evenings not so far ahead of us and is the perfect meet-up of tranquility and excitement!


Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Forest Floor

Forest floor truly justifies its designation. Joyous, rugged and a bit ponderous, it is either the heavy and pleasantly fragrant soil of a North Pacific woodland or the sunlit swelter of the tropical regions. Dark hues are interspersed with different shades of green, constituting a peculiar colour histogram that, despite the obvious supremacy of chilly hues, comes off as warmth-emissive.


Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Deep Rooted

A tonally rich assembly relying more on the sombre end of the spectrum, ”Deep Rooted” welcomes Greenery 15-0343 more as a guest star. Here, “Roots” is an important keyword since the rustic hues on the left side of the spectrum indicate an appreciation for heritage, authenticity, and earthiness. This is the perfect choice for a wall art decor located in your getaway den somewhere in the outskirts- a place where the fireplace crackling becomes the most effective lullaby known to men.


Calming wall art. Calm it Down.

A tastefully muted assortment of hues, “Calm It Down” is a washed-out, icy palette that is perfect for an early spring ponderation since its apparent airiness will come in handy to visually “ventilate” the space around you. Light and unobtrusive, it’s the best choice for the transitional periods like this. It serves as an aid to help clean out the head and interior from all the trivial, unnecessary elements found within both.


Wall Art Solutions With Calming Effect. Fathomless

Don’t be tricked by the supposed moodiness of this palette. More than a gloomy reminder of the recently departed wintertide, “Fathomless” is a mint-flavoured energizer. The colours create a refreshment of senses and is a set of hues that will help you kick-start the day for the best results as it reaches its closure. Conifers are the embodiment of vigor and permanence, keeping it green through whatever may come.

Do these colour palettes really have the capacity to improve the overall quality of your everyday life? Judging by the available research on the topic, colours legitimately do inhere healing properties and, if utilized in the right way, might actually considerably change your day-to-day psychological and physical welfare! My-Picture.co.uk offers to bring this colour therapy to life by acquiring the most fitting palette on a new, high-quality canvas photo print!