Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here’s How

Romantic photos these days there are numerous and encompass several different styles. However, the better part of them rarely inhere that kind of ethereal quality one might associate with the levity of love. In fact, most of them are DSLR-dry, clean cut and generic enough to be put in whichever random ad you might think of (e.g. car insurance, prostate health awareness, etc.). There’s no sense of adventure and authenticity whatsoever. Analogue photography, on the other hand, has it all and so much more. In short, this is why your Valentine’s romantic encounter should be perpetuated with an analogue camera, and how to do it to make your love sparkle once again!

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You Will Look Awesome in the Process

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

Okay, by that we are not trying to propagate the idea of using an analogue camera solely for the reason of looking wonderful (or, perhaps, edgy) whilst doing it. However, ridiculous as it may seem, an appropriate model might, in fact, make you look like the “romantic photojournalist from the 50’s” type of guy, or the empowered, independent and borderline reckless lady who lives for the sake of world exploration and the exposure of corrupt government officials. Forget the bystanders, this is the greatest “role play” you and your partner could ever indulge in!

It’s Truly Intimate

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

Wonder why so much of the contemporary indie music output constantly strives to replicate the nostalgic quality of the late 80’s/early 90’s home videos? Because it speaks to a generation’s subconscious, reminding the sweet irritation of abraded knees and the excitement provided by afternoon cartoons. Now, take the same beautifully intimate vibe and transfer it to a desolate photo session somewhere near the coastline, featuring only a couple of lovebirds and their vintage lenses. The analogue film has the great characteristic of capturing something almost metaphysical about the environment and personalities stamped on it. Therefore, looking at the beautifully defective developed film depicting your love interest “giving a shy look” to the lens might open an entirely different perspective on your relationship! And it surely will when you flip through these images assembled in a vintage-style photo book years later!

It’s a Romantic Expression

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

Because analogue photo exercises are, first and foremost, exercises in learning to obtain pleasure from the process, the whole thing will be a perfect, creative date in and on itself. Much more inspiring than the hackneyed “dinner for two” formula (albeit these things can be combined), it appeals to our common inherent tendency of associating everything retro-looking with the term “romantic” in its purest, classical sense. Films and photos from bygone eras, lo-fi musical feats, and everything that has sentimental value attached to it are romantic by default. Add the annual celebration of romantic expression (Valentine’s Day), and you have the supreme adventure of love.

It’s Creative and Action-packed

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

And now, let us reckon what it’s definitely not – boring, dull, and predictable. Shooting with 120 film or a 35mm camera offers the same sensation you encountered as a kid playing with your favorite toy. It’s addictive and open to your interpretation. Let us note that you can actually also create stunning short cinematics by utilizing the magnificent LomoKino. Who said Valentine’s cannot be the greatest day ever?

The Results Are, of Course, Stunning

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

Quite often, we have discussed the significance of the word quality in the context of analogue film and photography as a whole. Whilst DSLR surely awe-strikes with its resolution, it is incapable of organically capturing the dreamlike imagery of, let’s say, Holga 120. Meanwhile, 35mm film, whilst functioning as somewhat of a compromise between quality and ambiance, is rarely capable of working the surrealist wonders 120 film provides its users with on a regular basis. What we mean by this outstretched exposition is that the vintage photo film quality, despite being rather lackluster, per se, is as raw, real and genuinely special as it gets.

It Costs Close to Nothing

Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here's How

Plan it, let it be a mutual gift (the whole process and the developing of the pictures later on), create your own narratives and make your Valentine’s Day completely unforgettable, all while operating on a shoestring budget! Here, part of the appeal lies in the incredibly wallet-friendly offer! For example, a fully functional device, in many cases, will not exceed a 50 £ limit, thus leaving you with a fortune sufficient enough to buy two hot dogs once the shoot is over. This is a perfect ending to a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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