To Knock Your Socks Off - Weird Christmas Decor

To Knock Your Socks Off – Weird Christmas Decor

Christmas decorations are essential when it comes to conjuring up the atmosphere and, perhaps, reviving the imperishable childlike spirit buried deep within. With that said, there are some rather off-beat exceptions. By that, we mean Christmas decor that casually drops inappropriate innuendos, is unintentionally creepy, or just plain bizarre. And, as it turns out, there’s […]


Most Blatant Photo Editing Mistakes Everyone Expects You to Make (So Don’t)

Besides the most commonplace Photoshop botches, resulting in body curves from outer space or an inexplicable but equally disturbing loss of knees, there’s a lot of other, probably tamer (but nevertheless still cringe-inducing) photo editing mistakes that have the potential to get you savaged in the comment section. Here are a couple of too-easy-to-make mistakes […]

Halloween decor for a pleasant night of all hallows

Trick or Treat with Taste – Halloween Decor For A Pleasant Night of All Hallows

Okay, all monsters and movie characters aside Halloween is an enjoyable festivity throughout that preys much upon the inherently cozy nature of fall itself. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look on the other side of All Hollow’s Eve. A cozy pumpkin-scented evening with a pleasant crackling coming from your fireplace is […]