Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor

On paper, ordering your new canvas print sounds like something that requires little effort. In the matter of a few clicks, you upload your photo, customize it according to your preferences, insert the necessary data at checkout, and voila – your interior has acquired an additional piece of decor. However, reality often turns out way more confusing than this simple premise. To set some clarity with regards to the whole process, the photo printing experts at are here to break it into four essential stages. So, here are the 4 steps you should keep in mind the next time your order your new canvas print.

1.Uploading Process and Customization

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Upload your photo

The first stage involves the customization of your canvas with our built-in tools. After you upload your photo, as standard, you’ll be presented with a selection screen that offers customization of the image (colours, saturation) and the framework itself. Although the choices depend solely on your aesthetic preference, it is widely known that some frame designs fit better with monochrome imagery while others can visibly improve colourful photos. However, the most important thing is the edge design itself.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Customize your canvas print

Such importance is not only because the edge design can significantly alter the appearance of the final composition. If the customer decides to go for the folded edge design, it can directly affect the quality of the final product! With this mind, it’s important for the customer to pick a photo that does not feature any important details positioned close to the border area. In the case that your photo does feature elements located near the edge, you just might lose a significant part of your photo. Therefore, if you still want to print that specific image, be advised to pick other edge designs (other than folded) that won’t sabotage the original photo.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Secure checkout

If the results in the preview screen seem satisfying, you’re practically ready to order your print and pass the matter into the hands of the printing experts at Prior, however, you’ll be directed to your cart where you can update your order with a specially made hanger set or enter a special coupon code if you have one to acquire a significant discount. Finally, you will be able to proceed to the secure checkout. After filling in the standard fields of information, you can pretty much consider yourself the owner of a new canvas print. However, there’s the other side of the story – the manufacturer’s side of things.

2. Manufacturing

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Canvas manufacturing factory

First things first, after completing your checkout session, you have effectively initiated the production process of your order. Once the order is confirmed, your photo occupies a place in a waiting queue. If necessary, it will receive any final adjustments and enhancements and will be prepared to provide the best-looking visuals once printed on canvas. After this visual fine tuning, your photo is ready to be brought to life using HP latex inks that also provide UV protection.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Professional canvas printing

Each canvas is a top-notch fabric piece with a quality that’s been recognized with a special certificate. The process is overlooked by professionals with years’ worth of experience. Once the digital reproduction is finished, the canvas is ready for stretching. Again, the whole operation is carried out by reliable masters of their craft, people who know how to stretch to achieve the perfect tension. After the cloth is stretched, it’s evenly stapled to the spruce wood framework – quality woodcraft that’s prepared and processed in a dedicated factory. Once the piece of decor is completed, we enter the final stage of the cycle. In the case of photo canvas print, the production period for one article does not take more than one working day!

3. Packaging and Delivery

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Packaging and delivery

Although some may view the packaging process as only a minor nuance in the bigger scheme of things, it is an essential step which sees your order prepared for what can be a very bumpy road. With this in mind, products from are packed to achieve the utmost safety. Covered in a special film and supported by pieces of foam rubber from all sides, your canvas is carefully placed in its cardboard hutch which will serve as it’s protective shell for the remainder of its journey. This is also the way your order will look once it reaches your doorstep.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Shipping

After dispatching, the product starts its journey to your place. Normally, this takes no more than 3 to 12 business days depending on your geographic location and the ordered product. Regardless, it’s a quality that’s definitely worth the wait!

4. Setting up the Finished Piece

Does it all end with the arrival of the product? Well, not exactly. Setting up canvas decor can be somewhat of a very frustrating experience. While the whole ordeal is significantly alleviated with the special hanger set (the one you can add to your cart while shopping on, good improvisation is what you might need to resort to if you decided to go for a bare canvas photo print.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Hanging Canvas

Luckily, there are multiple ways of setting up your wall decor without using the special hanger set. You can go either for wires, special adhesives, a pegboard wall, or simply position your canvas as a stand-alone decor on the shelving above your work desk. A good, cleverly positioned canvas print will look good in any interior!

As a Side Note: Additional Items for Every Occasion

Although we chose to emphasize photo canvas since it’s somewhat of a flagman product, offers a wide variety of high-quality items that are all customizable with your own photos. Apart from photo gifts, the store also has a special Home & Lifestyle section which basically allows you to fully customize your bedding set. Besides fluffy, fine-satin photo cushions, there’s also the wonderful photo blanket option.

Creating Canvas Print: 4 Steps That Lead to Beautiful Wall Decor. Custom photo gifts

With standard and premium versions on the shelf, you can acquire hypoallergenic, odourless print work and the incredibly soft flannel fleece blanket that’s perfectly suitable for both picnics and actual beds. Infinitely cuddleable and bearing an impressive, large-format image of your choice, it’s no wonder that the photo blanket has seen a surge in popularity during the last couple of years. really requires no second-guessing when it comes to a reliable printing vendor. Make sure to give it a try with a test print of sorts just to understand how this thing works in practice if you are doubtful. Experience the 4 stages of creating a beautiful canvas art and pay what is probably the lowest price on the whole market!