Creative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

These days, there is a common stigma against the most romantic day of the year, regarding its somewhat already cliche status. Unfortunately, there’s some truth in it. Once again it’ll be all about the same flowers, balloons, champagne, bath filled with rose petals and maybe some Celine Dion thrown in for good measure. But does it have to be this way all the time? Are there any inviolable rules written for us to follow?  We have the technology and creative thinking to make Valentine’s Day a truly original event, highlighting the special occasion with creative gift ideas!

Hand-Made Wrapping

Have you ever noticed how synthetic and downright soulless the Valentine’s Day-themed wrapping paper can actually be? Some of the specimens found in the local shop seem to be a mass-produced mess of hearts and cupids, all of them in red and pink hues, that have nothing to do with taste and originality. Do it yourself. Take a cardboard paper, make a box out of it, and cover it with unconventionally colored (dark blue, completely white) text “clouds” pasted to paper with color-related pins! If you’re ready for some time and work invested, put some whimsical pictograms on the package (like men and women WC symbols with a plus sign between them)!

Put Some Cute, Heart-Shaped Fortune Cookies in It!

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Home-made fortune cookies.

Yes, this is already kinda of a modern cliche but still not too widely used to fall into the category of  “regular”. To make the thing more interesting, make sure that the messages inside the home-made cookies are funny and surprising. Print “microscopic” pictures of your greatest joint memories, and with the help of a funny text line, invite her to use a magnifier to explore the picture! Write in things like “I hope my love is better than these cookies” and stuff like that! True love often unveils itself through sincere acts of humor!

Let the Love be Discovered Slowly

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Magic Mug.

There is an ongoing trend in the world of photo mugs that can serve as a great instrumental for a creative Valentine’s Day gift! Widely addressed as the “magic mug”, it’s a perfect combo of practical value and unexpected twist! To explain the thing simply, it’s a mug that reacts to a warm beverage poured into it. When the temperature within the mug reaches a certain degree, a picture adorning the mug slowly starts to appear. Usually, it will do this in a direction from the bottom to the top; therefore, a funny image of you holding a heart-shaped sign might be just in time! Write a romantic and funny text that is unveiled gradually as the picture mug gets progressively warmer! Before you give the present to your other person, try to keep the secret to yourself! Say something like – love blossoms there, where it’s warm!

Can the Arrow Hit the Target Once Again?

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Gift in a balloon.

If your gift is small and light enough to be stuffed into a balloon than this one is for you! Okay, so just like everything in this world, love is a challenge and sometimes – a battlefield (here’s for you Pat Benatar!), so you have to fight for it. To make the whole gift giving process more of an entertainment within itself, put your little gift item inside a huge, heart-shaped balloon. Then, place the balloon somewhere where your partner’s height doesn’t allow him/her to reach it (hang it on a tree). Give them a romantic, Cupid-like version of a bow and arrows (might as well be home-made) and a certain amount of attempts to shoot it down! Every time they miss or the balloon simply resists to explode, make the person reveal something cutely awkward, like – when was the first time he/she understood that they like you and so on! It’s a funny and engaging way to present your Valentine’s Day gift!

Create Your Own Gift “Brand”

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Your own jam brand.

Have a nice bucket of jam or sauce in your place? Then it’s time to turn it into a one of a kind creative gift for Valentine’s Day! Using a picture editing software (we also have a very useful article on those!), make a vintage-looking label with your farmer-looking-self in the center! Call it something like “Old Lover’s Favorite” and write an encouraging line like  “Your favorite Jam’s on” or “Better than your standard love potion!”. Trust us, a romantic gift (or prelude to the serious one) like this will have an irresistible comic value and who knows, maybe the stuff that’s inside will actually taste good!

Photo Pillow for When You’re Far Away

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Photo cushion.

This one is kinda more sentimental and “romantic” in the true sense of the word, but it’s definitely not a “filler” considering creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! The formula is as simple as it can be. Once again, using photo-editing software, make a picture that depicts your face in a profile (with an over-the-top sad expression). Then, draw a silhouette of another head next to it, and in the middle of that silhouette, write something like “This Spot Belongs to You” or “Place Your Head if the Case of Sadness”. Silly as it might seem, a personalised photo cushion like that can do a lot to comfort your other half while you’re on your next job-related trip! You could actually make two photo cushions – one with your face on, and the other one with that of your special person’s! A gift like that would have a great symbolic meaning!

Everyday Inspiration

Creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Pocket book of quotes.

The last one, but at the same time the one that will serve as a long-term solution. Make a little, scrappy-looking book that is filled with inspirational quotes made up by you! You can make a funny little table of content, for example, “Quotes for a rainy day” or “Quotes when You Feel lonely”. Don’t copy them from the likes of Coelho; the more naive and truthful they are, the more romantic they will appear to be! A quote for every page, in some cases, might be found below a picture of your favorite, romantic moment. This will brighten a hard day’s night and might encourage your significant other to do wonders!

Valentine’s Day is still a very special occasion and has to be accordingly celebrated! One might find it’s simple, but, in the end, love is also a very simple thing no matter what seemingly complicated issues it may sometimes provoke. If it exists, everything’s possible and nothing’s too hard to stop you from making it big! Besides these creative gift ideas, feel free to check out for other available Valentine’s Day gift solutions!