Easter Decorating Ideas Tips to Keep Your Eye on!

Gifts, Tributes, and Eggs – Easter Decorating Ideas Tips to Keep Your Eye on!

Easter rolls in with another video tutorial compilation. This selection consists of only the most creative, inspiring and well-explained Easter decorating ideas found on YouTube.com. These are tutorials that are a pure pleasure to watch and tutorials that will save you some time and will provide you with exciting DIY experimentation! Select and Enjoy!

Easter Pom Poms

A frequent guest on our DIY video compilations, Søstrene Grene’s DIY videos channel (sisters Anna and Clara Grenes) keeps producing wonderful little video miniatures that are so visually appealing that one might forget the original intention behind watching it! This time – dedicated to Easter decorating ideas. Once again, these are easy, open to interpretation and with free templates attached!

Don’t Throw out That Paint Bucket!

Want to surprise your loved ones? Well, how about packing Easter goods ( such as spring spices and all kinds of homemade snacks) in a basket that’s made out of an empty paint bucket? This is a simple, beautiful piece that involves a lot of cutting and glue; it also provides you with a trendy, intentionally naive aesthetic that will work for all age groups out there!

Origami Bunnies

Now for quite an original approach! The Red Ted Art channel offers a different, Far-East informed take on the whole Easter decor thing. This video tutorial will teach you how to properly fold paper to end up with minimalistic, yet totally adorable Easter hares. You can either create your own paper bunny pasture on the nearest shelving or hang them in the branches of the pussy willow. Simple, refined and original!

Easter Wreath

Thus far the most demanding creation, it’s still an undeniably rewarding one. If Christmas can have wreaths, then why should Easter be any different? Although the tutorial involves the use of elements that each could be worth a separate DIY video, the whole wreath thing is totally open to you interpretation. Catkins or pussy willows, silver or golden eggs, it’s up to you. Overall, it is a great focal decor for both inside and outside use! As it turns out, mesh wreaths are a really hot thing during the spring season!

Easter Flowerpots in Less Than an Hour

Here is nother one (and surely not the last one) from sisters Anna and Clara, better known as Søstrene Grene’s DIY videos. This tutorial is not only another quickie (as all of their videos are), it is also an incredibly clever way of growing and storing your cress! This practical décor of little Easter bunny flowerpots (of sorts) demands so little, you might get it done in about 1 hour!

For Your Kid’s Delight

Egg characters are one of the most commonplace Easter decorations found on the shelf, yet it never gets old since there are literally thousands of ways to dress your egg (these days, there are both superhero and Disney character variations)! Although this operation might be a bit sticky (a lot of small details and a lot of glue involved), the effort is worth your kid’s happiness!

Baskets of 80% Silk Paper

The last feature from the Danish duo of Anne and Clara, it simply had to be included, for it somewhat shows why videos of this particular channel are so appealing (besides great lighting and camera work). It is not only the resourceful thinking, but also the use of seemingly super simple elements for the best effect. Here, it’s like 80% of silk paper, and that’s it! You have little baskets for miniature Easter candy!

This Guy Knows Stuff

Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the seemingly simple form of this tutorial (really, it’s just a guy standing there) is actually one of its strengths! Want a perfect Easter wreath? Then watch this! Rarely has somebody managed to explain the process of making a DIY decor in such detail, yet without making it sound complicated or boring! Creative and easy to follow – basically, the cornerstones of a successful tutorial video