Be the Best Kid in the Yard. Gifts for Moms in 2017!

She’s probably the most important woman in your life. She’s always there when you’re hungry and cold and her advice (in most cases) nails it when you’re in trouble with your significant other. Your sadness is the double sadness of her’s while your happiness fills her heart more than you will ever know! She’s the blessing, the one who gave us life, taught this and that so that we wouldn’t act like little critters and, in many ways, kickstarted the pursuit of our dreams. The 26th of March is the Mama’s day and acknowledging their effort, we’ve scrapped together some appealing gift ideas! 

Gifts for Moms can Also be Original

Original Mother's day gifts, Letters from wax.

Yes, they can and, as a matter of fact – should be original. Mothers never ask anything in return, so it’s safe to say they deserve a surprise. So – give her a tastefully packaged box of “tools”. Not the ones we use to repair our kitchen sink, but something more significant. It could be a set of heart-shaped candles and a combo of letters that spells “MAMA” when put together in the right order. Don’t give her any clues, just give her the box, wrapped in a pleasantly looking rustic aesthetic! Inside she’ll find seemingly random objects (candles, letters, rose petals, and maybe some home-made sweets) that could be assembled in any way she prefers. Once she’ll realize what it’s all about, the composition of letters will serve as a nice table decor whether for the table that’s home or for the one at her work. Nothing striking, but a seriously lovely gesture indeed.

Back to Home-Made Sweets

Original Mother's day gifts. Homemade macaroons.

Okay, we don’t want to get unnecessary food-oriented, but home-made sweets are something everyone appreciates. In this case, your exercises in cuisine don’t have to end up with a regular set of cookies, thrown together in a regular-looking bowl. Create your own package! Not only this will lead you to great Mother’s Day gift solution, it will also be a complete pleasure from the process!

  • Try your hand in macaroons (those little, colorful cookies everybody adores!). We won’t get into culinary details, just get some eggs, white sugar, confectioner’s sugar and almonds. And then do some web-surfing to understand what to do with them.
  • Once this part of the gift is done, make a cardboard package (or a wooden one, if you have an empty, medium sized wood box, that’s completely blank) and paint it all over the way only you can! You could actually draw some intentionally naive depictions of you and you mother holdings hands together in a meadow. Just like those masterpieces you used to draw as a 4-year old!
  • Get a white, completely blank fabric! Write all the reasons (sure, there has to be many) why your mother is the best there is, and put the fabric inside the box.
  • Pour your interpretation of macaroons inside the gift box!

Gifts for Moms as the Artistic Expressions of Yours


Keeping up with the tradition, we are continuing an idea already touched in the paragraph prior. This time, it’s about your inner artist, soon to be discovered in its full glory! So, whatever you decide to pack into the box, paper wrapping, or a simple, colorful bag, spare it with your artistic experiments! You really don’t have to do much to get the desired effect. If your chosen wrapping is a regular light brownish paper bag, just pick up some black ink and sketch up two silhouettes. One of your little self and the other one – that of your mother’s. Both figures can be portrayed on a top of a grassy hill, looking at the sunset! Warning: tears may be shed in the most positive way possible!

Alternatively, you can make up the same scene in the center of a white paper and turn it into a nice, minimalist canvas art! In the case of the latter option, we can actually provide you with some solutions!

Turn the Whole Process into a Treasure Hunt!

Gifts for Moms in 2016. Original Mother's Day gift.This is not foolish at all! Sometimes even a super original gift can appear blatant and suffer from the “boring presentation syndrome”. To avoid this, turn the whole gift giving process into the “Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt”. Hide the “treasure” (which might as well be any of the aforementioned gift solutions) in some inconspicuous spot and give your Mom a specially prepared map. Mark the route with tulips or, in case you want to invest a little more time and effort, with old photographs featuring yourself as a baby. Here, you have a great opportunity to make the challenge a little more complicated by asking your Mother to describe the picture (what year was it, what was so special about the particular moment and so on) each time she stumbles upon one. The whole thing will definitely be worth another series of family photos!

Stop Motion Video

This is only for the brave, considering how time-consuming it might turn out to be! However, it also might lead to adorable motion picture experience. Once again, use texts (packed in thought clouds), a nice, easy-on-ears melody (know how to play an instrument? Create your own Mother’s Day song as the soundtrack!) and tell why your mama is the best in the “business”! In case you have siblings, a completely new room for visual gags is opened! It might as well be a 30-second flick, but the emotional fulfillment will be unprecedented! It’s 2017 and Gifts for Moms are opened to all kinds of media!

Alright, we gave you the hints, now it’s only up to you to interpret them! Get as madly creative as you would do at any gift preparation occasion, cause Mama there is only one! You know better than us, what a pain in the neck it may be to bring up the cool person that you’re now, so show the appreciation!