Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage!

Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage!

If you have ever encountered a good-looking Pinterest mood board, you know what we’re talking about here. You understand the beauty of perfectly matched colours, sleek, catalogue-worthy interiors and, of course, an incredible piece(s) of wall art to tie the whole room together. Luckily, even with all its high-end gloss, a design like this is not too hard to mimic. The photo printing experts from are here to explore design hacks that will provide you with the ever-trendy Pinterest look with the help of a neat wall art collage!

Stylistically United Wall Art Collage

Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage. Scandinavian Design

There’s nothing that gives off the Pinterest vibe more than a cleverly organized wall art collage. Mostly comprised of several different photo print formats (such as canvas, passe-partout, and wooden board), wall art collages usually are centred around the theme of a central wall art piece that sets the tone for the smaller wall art pieces nearby. The theme can be either a set of monochromatic sketches, sights captured during your travels, or some highly stylized, colourful abstractions. It’s really a matter of taste and imagination.

The Placement

Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage. Placing Wall Art

Although the configuration and position of each wall art piece may appear to be random, more often than not, there’s a thought-out system behind it. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with your own because the web, including Pinterest itself, is filled with template packs that will aid you in your quest for the ultimate wall art collage. While not every template will suit your interior, there surely are plenty of variations to experiment with!

Picking the Right Wall Art Format

While formats such as acrylic and aluminium undeniably have their own unique perks, they are not necessarily seen featured in wall art collages often. And, that’s not without its reason. The issue is due to the conflicting visuals. While canvas photo prints, passe-partout, photo boards and photos on wood all share a kind of great organic quality, acrylic and aluminium prints with their glossy appeal simply do not fit the particular bill. However, it’s an entirely different deal if the whole collage is made of these shiny, high-end formats.

Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage. Organic Materials for Wall Art

Once you pick any of the so-called “organic” formats and your preferred template, you’re all set to decide on the images you want to be printed on your new decor pieces. Of course, remember to take into account everything that’s stated in the second paragraph.

Are Wall Art Collages Even Still a Thing in 2018?

Give Your Home a Pinterest Makeover with a Striking Wall Art Collage. Trendy Wall Art

Although 2018 brought a lot of seismic changes to the world of interior design, having a well put together wall art collage is still a sign of a genuinely trendy place. While the departure of minimalism as the dominant design paradigm shook things up a bit, its substitute, the eclectic and bold design philosophy known as maximalism, welcomes the use of multiple wall art pieces and even embraces it. After all, it’s all about going bigger, bolder and more colourful!

Using for Your Wall Art Collage

Now, first things first, will definitely help you save some hard-earned money and create a wall art collage without breaking the bank. Secondly, despite the variety of formats (which in itself is not a mandatory thing), your order will arrive timely and packed for utmost safety. If there’s something that you should definitely keep in mind, then it’s the necessity for hanger sets. This will simply save you some time instead of wasting it on manually figuring out how to hang each and every piece. Essentially, you can arrange the whole collage with a single bulk purchase. Of course, you can also update it gradually. Even more so, the theme of your choice might require exactly this kind of approach (such as new additions to your family).

Going for the so-called Pinterest look is something that’s really becoming a common approach to designing one’s interior. That’s only natural since the site itself has become somewhat of a collective lookbook to borrow from. Feel free to use the vast design vocabulary it offers, and make sure to let take care of your new design additions!