Hilarious Facebook Pages that Will Get You Fired

Hilarious Facebook Pages that Will Get You Fired

A Facebook page can serve as a really useful tool for communication, event planning and, possibly, even as a legitimate business opportunity. At times, though, they can also be completely random, with names that alone can make you burst out laughing in the most inappropriate of places. My-Picture.co.uk takes a dip into the beautifully weird part of the world’s most popular social network! Note: with a few exceptions, these hilarious Facebook pages are mostly image-based. Also, be careful where you view this.

Awkward Band and Musician Photos

Hilarious Facebook Pages. Awkward Band and Musician Photos


Now, you might as well consider this one a real NSFW (Not safe for work) because the better part of this page is going to squeeze laughter even from the most hardcore no-nonsense folks out there. Featuring band names like Emotional Turd Release, Dick Palmer and the Jerks (also applying to the band above) as well as philosophical ruminations about the term “skullet”- the paradox of having too much and not enough hair at the same time – it’s a real cure for boredom. You’ve been warned!

Classical Art Memes

Hilarious Facebook Pages. Classical Art Memes


This one is already a contemporary classic. Constantly finding new ways of interpreting the narratives of world-renowned paintings in the funniest possible ways, it’s also one of those places where the comment section is, at times, more hilarious than the admin generated content itself. Once again, don’t open during your office hours; otherwise, your peers might get the impression that you are having some kind of manic laughing seizure.

Awkward Family Photos



Those beginning with the word “awkward” are always worth the trip. Awkward Family Photos does not disappoint, offering a collection of painfully misfired attempts at wedding, family and friend photography. It’s hard to define what exactly feels so inadequate about the mostly vintage flavoured photos displayed on the page, so you just have to check them out for yourself.




Yes, this is as controversial as the title of the page suggests. Boasting just as many fans as hardcore haters, this Facebook page is all about black left-wing indoctrinated, politically incorrect humour you might have expected from the South Park aesthetic apparent on the cover photo. Warning – not recommendable to those who are fond of the latest president-elect of the United States.

Who is Hotter? Miley Cyrus or Larry King?



Sadly a defunct Facebook page, it surely did boast an original name. Besides that, it also seems to have sparked a legitimate discussion about the subject matter. By what little is available, it seems that Larry was taking the cake with the majority!

Cows are the Silent Jury in the Trial of Mankind



Let’s get more into the direction of random. Cows are the Silent Jury in the Trial of Mankind is not bound to make you explode with laughter. However, the absolutely bizarre nature of the page and the irrational enthusiasm it has received from the public will surely make you curious. Warning- the page has somewhat repetitive tendencies.

Birds Tho



You will love this if you’re a bird lover by nature! Chickens, pigeons, parrots, a duck in sandals and a cocktail sipping toucan, all birds are showcased, and everybody is welcomed to join the club! The photos, memes and photoshop jewels found here are totally amazing. The unifying theme is a bird in an unconventional setting. For example, a titmouse taking a train to the city.

The Same Picture of Chris Pratt Everyday



Oh, so we said that Cows are the Silent Jury in the Trial of Mankind has a repetitive nature? The Same Picture of Chris Pratt Everyday is pretty much self-explanatory. Fans of the actor are constantly provided with the same picture of the man on a daily basis. It must be noted, though, that this is just a part of a bigger “The Same Picture of (insert a celebrity) Everyday” trend. A pic of Chris Pratt a day keeps the doctor away!

Humanitarians of Tinder



Now, while offensive to some, this page actually unveils some painful and rather cynical truths about modern society and its general Internet habitude. Isn’t it strange that the most popular online dating app in the world also boasts the largest share of humanitarians? When even the most basic travel experience is visually transformed into a self-sacrificing humanitarian mission, it’s really time to look at the man in the mirror. This is the cringiest side of voluntourism besides the Luket Ministries infamous video.

The Philosopher’s Meme



This might beg for a bit of deeper knowledge about the context, yet it’s still as funny as it gets. Working in the same vein as Classical Art Memes, The Philosopher’s Meme mixes together the highs and lows of contemporary culture, employing such memes like Karl Marx Santa Claus (who want to take away your toys and redistribute them equally among the masses of kids) whilst using the term “Freudzoned”. It is smart, funny and actually makes you think!

Honorable Mention – Sassy Socialist Memes

Hilarious Facebook Pages that Will Get You Fired. Sassy Socialist Memes


A daily dose of Karl Marx (HA, appearing on the list for the second time!) in shades, throwing puns and revalations about the power of socialism and the inevitable downfall of capitalism. In fact, this is more of a full-blown entry.