How to Hang Aluminium Prints for Maximal Visual Impact

How to Hang Aluminium Prints for Maximal Visual Impact

Although aluminium prints are, by nature, a very compelling and visually impactful way of displaying your favourite photos, more often than not, customers find the process of setting them up a very frustrating experience. To clear the fog around the subject and offer you a simple explanation, here’s a little insight on how to hang an aluminium print for optimal visual impact!

Don’t Rely on Adhesives, Sticky Putty or Adhesive Hooks

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Double Sided Tape

First off, here is a quick preface on the essential don’ts when it comes to the topic of hanging aluminium prints. To begin with, you should pretty much drop the idea of using adhesives entirely. A simple and mostly effective alternative to traditional mounting practices, adhesives are simply too feeble for the sturdy aluminium composite panel. Although an undeniably mobile and easily transferable decor piece, in comparison with all the other wall decor formats available on, aluminium prints can be labelled as somewhat of a heavyweight item.

Hang for the Look

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Aluminium photo print with couple

Even though the traditional set of nails and wire could easily keep the aluminium print where it’s supposed to, it’s not the best solution from the aesthetic point of view. Furthermore, it won’t affix the print completely, and the risk of an unintentional drop is still very much present. Lastly, nobody would like to manually drill holes in their precious aluminium sheet (which could get tricky in and on itself). When it comes to hanging aluminium prints, the floating appearance is what you should focus on!

Getting That Photo Gallery Look 

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Aluminium in metal frame

There are 4 most commonplace methods of displaying aluminium prints, all of which involve some form of additional backing. The first one sees your aluminium print updated with a hefty metal frame.

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Aluminium in metal frame

Typically being 33 mm deep, it’s a great additional asset. Although the following somewhat contradicts the previously expressed thought on wire and nails as obsolete choices, the metal framework is usually affixed using either this system or mounting bracket. A similar technique is employed when one uses stand-out mounts, roughly 19 mm thick foam panels, that usually come in a variety of colours and are available in any nearby crafts or art supplies store.

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Aluminium print hanging kit

Both can also come with a special hanging kit located on their back, a square-like formation with entries that are meant for securing the print to the wall with screws or by sliding it onto metal brackets that are secured to the wall with screws.

Stainless Steel Posts and Metal Plate Method

Stainless steel posts (also known as spacers) that go straight through the print is another neat way of acquiring a sophisticated gallery look. The method usually sees the barrel-like posts affixed directly to the wall with screws. This, however, also means that your print has to have four pre-drilled holes for the four respective posts.

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Stainless Steel Posts. Glass Spacers

Another option consists of a simple metal plate with a box-like kit on its back. This is the so-called floating mount. The aluminium print is once again attached to the plate with four stainless steel posts, while the finished composition is affixed to the wall by sliding the box-like hanging hardware on the back of the print onto screws that are pre-drilled into the wall. As an alternative, the hanging hardware can also be affixed to metal brackets.

 How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Mounting Bracket

This essentially explains the whole magic if there ever was any. The refined look of an aluminium print floating roughly 1,3 cm away from the wall is acquired with a combination of your print and four steel posts that pierce your print and are attached to a metal panel which, in turn, is affixed to the wall with screws or brackets. Additionally, the print can come with a mounting bracket attached to its back (as seen in the image above), which allows hanging your print for an instant floating appearance.

The potential backing solutions are:

  • Metal frame (requires wire and nails)
  • Foam board stand-out mount (usually attached with metal brackets)
  • Gatorboard block (usually attached with metal hanging brackets)
  • Stainless steel posts (4 posts piercing the print and affixed directly to the wall)
  • Floating mount (with four posts securing the print to the metal panel which is affixed by sliding it onto screws or metal brackets)
  • Shadow mount (a box-like formation attached directly to the back of the print and affixed by sliding it onto metal brackets or screws)

Depending on the method you’ve chosen, in order to hang your aluminium prints, you’ll need:

  • Hanging hardware (any of the abovementioned)
  • A screwdriver or a drill
  • Metal brackets
  • Level
  • Stud finder (to locate the studs behind the final walling surface to affix your aluminium print to)
  • A pencil to make markings

How to Hang Aluminium Prints. Hanging your aluminium print

Although the process of setting aluminium prints is, by no means, a simple operation to carry out, the result is, by all means, a very rewarding one! Giving off the same kind of brilliant sophistication one usually experiences whilst visiting photo exhibitions, aluminium prints are truly worth the investment of your time. At this point, there’s just no better way of honouring photos that have a particular significance in your life!