Instagram Decor Inspiration. What Will Matter This Christmas

Instagram Decor Inspiration. What Will Matter This Christmas

Long gone is the time when explosive colours and a string light reenactment of the Nativity in your backyard meant that you’ve hit the jackpot with Christmas decorations. The peace and tranquillity we tend to attribute this period with can only be acquired via the careful selection and disposition of proper elements. So, for those ready to go the complex but rewarding less-is-more lane, we’ve prepared a little list of some of the most inspiring Christmas-themed Instagram entries, which are recipes for a perfectly peaceful Christmas.

Fiona Michelon

A Lady who conjures Christmas wonder with rustic elements that have an instant back-to-the-core-of-it charm about them. To emulate the look, you don’t necessarily need to acquire the same items. View this and the following as the framework to work on!

Lucy Akins 

Her adorable compositions have bewitched thousands of her Instagram followers and not without reason. Her sense of composition and colour is one to envy and definitely try to mimic this Christmas! Just leave something like this on your nightstand, and you have decor packed and served!

A Beautiful Mess

Who said minimal means colourless? A mandarin-clad Christmas wreath will not only radiate a pleasant aroma but will also add a spark to the otherwise dim winter day!


Nobody does it better than Christine Sandrock when it comes to heartwarming beige and pastels that seem to come straight from a fairy tale. Christmas here is full of little details and love. Still, a look like this is totally achievable!


Molly Madfis has something for everyone! She’ll make minimalist kitchens exciting with just a couple of pine tree branches and make Christmas living rooms burst with colours, never losing the sense of balance and artistic fling!


Shaynah makes the countryside inspired rustic lifestyle even more charming than it already is. Full of blissful peace and comfy attributes, it’s the Christmas ranch most of us would like to spend our Noel evening at. Again, there’s really nothing complicated here, just a clever use of already existing materials and items. If you or your friends have a barn, you’ll surely find rustic regalia like this.


Through an irresistible Instagram feed, Jessica from dearestdaughters has really perfected the mid-century modern aesthetic. Only naturally, with the coming Christmas, the posts on her feed just keep stunning fans. For example, this airy and effortless composition of Christmas wreaths just seems to have really great energetic potential…

West Elm UK

West Elm UK – Your store for modern furniture and interior solutions also came up with this. Less of an actual interior solution, it’s nevertheless a gorgeous piece of Christmas imagery sure to steal the hearts of both young and old!

My Scandinavian Home

Where ould the whole idea of minimalist Christmas decor be without the Scandinavian minimalist school? This is conclusive evidence that chilly hues and general austerity do not automatically make your Christmas gloomy. There are both the spirit and the class!


Finally, we have Hannah Bullivant, a Kent-based decorator who truly excels at organic decor and the incorporation of natural elements. So, why exactly Hanna? Well, because this quote of her perfectly sums up what this piece is all about:

moving house is another chance to get rid of superfluous stuff- ephemera, seasonal decorations, clutter: be gone!”

So, there you go. A piece for those who still haven’t managed to deck the halls or simply feel that there’s something missing from the bigger scenario. Feel free to borrow, inspire yourself, or just flat-out copy any of the examples above. That’s partly what these feeds are meant for. Meanwhile, be sure to check our wall decor pages! More often than not a fitting piece of wall art is the last brush stroke in your interior composition.