Is Tea Really the Most Popular Beverage in the World?

Is Tea Really the Most Popular Beverage in the World?

Yes, it’s true. We have a penchant for beer as it has turned out to be one the most common beverages to appear in our photos. Likewise, people also enjoy being photographed holding and drinking their sweet vino or, which is kinda more obvious, sipping their Sunday morning mocha. Photo experts at have analysed another 10,000 photos coming from 5 different countries to find out which country loves its beverage and loves it, well, more than others. Find out whether you drink too much or if there is anything you should actually drink more often!

Coffee Reigns Supreme, but the Brits don’t Care

Nothing surprising here. With the advent of the coffee-shop culture, the respective beverage continues to be the second most popular non-alcoholic substance to fill your mug with in the 21st century. With a somewhat predictable rate of % per each country (except the United Kingdom, which, according to the stereotype, must of have compensated the lack of caffeine with excessive amounts of tea), coffee, in its numerous incarnations, constitutes 20%, or 2000, of the overall number of photos analysed. It must be noted that this number includes all of the caffeinated drinks, such as latte and cappuccino!


The Official “Most Popular Drink in the World”
Was Not Featured in Any of the Photos

Yes, in a weird turn of events, the most widely used beverage on planet Earth, tea, was not apparent in any of the analysed photos. While this could be explainable with the fact that the survey did not include any countries from the Eastern hemisphere (which are arguably the biggest tea consumers on our planet), it’s still peculiar that among 10,000 photos, there was not a single image featuring the classic brew!


We’re Gulping Like Crazy

Although global alcohol consumption has been in a steady decline since the early 2010’s, it has not dramatically decreased the popularity of a nice cold pint after a long day at work. There’s no time to sober up, which is evident by the impressive 32% of beer-related photos that constitute the majority of the 10,000 pictures analyzed. Who are the biggest providers? The U.S. and… no, it’s not Germany. A flabbergasting 27%, or 864, of the photos featuring beer comes from the Dutch people. It’s the Netherlands.



Long gone is the time when a glass of wine was a signifier for class and status. These days, the common folk sip the drink of gods with the might of Zeus, which translates to 26%, or 2600, photos featuring the beverage! The variety of selection, as well as the wide diapason of prices, has turned wine into a casual Friday night refreshment! Is it a positive tendecy? Well, depends on which day one asks. Meanwhile, whiskey lags with 2%, or 200, photos. All of them – stacked in an oak barrel with the U.S. stamp burned on the side.


Conclusion Time

It’s safe to say the overall results were quite surprising. Unhealthy as they may be, energy drinks turned out to be a rather popular choice of beverage, with 700 photos, or 7% of all pictures analysed, featuring these, presumably effective, energisers. At the same time, a seemingly typical British thing like the stout (added to the category of beer photos) doesn’t appear in any of the beverage photos taken on the British soil, while the US turned out to be the sole provider of beer cocktail photos (also added to the “beer” category). All in all, it’s beer and wine that dominate our beverage menu. The only reason we could come up with – old habits die hard – as both beverages are also the oldest alcoholic drinks produced by humans!