Mothers Around the World in 10 Photos

The 26th of March, as we all know, is the day we celebrate our ultimate protector. These ladies have done the borderline impossible to provide our lives with happiness, comfort and opportunity and, different as they may be, their biggest fulfillment, regardless of the continent, language, and culture, is always to be sought in the fullfilment of ours. To commemorate Mother’s Day 2017, takes a look at some truly exceptional photos that have captured the special bond between mothers and their offsprings, regardless of the conditions.


Mothers Around the World in Photos. Vietnam

Nowhere without your kiddo! It’s no secret that the motorbike is the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Taking into account the narrow street architecture and the still prevalent parking issues encountered in most Vietnamese cities, it only makes sense. So, why not to have some family time whilst reaping the wild wind on your scooter? Mom will surely get you through any traffic jam ahead!

Sierra Leone

Mothers Around the World in Photos. Sierra Leone

Taking your offspring to the field early on might actually teach some really valuable lessons about the virtue of work. Although the widespread poverty and the post-civil war consequences are still felt very strongly among the general society, Sierra Leone is progressively healing its wounds, emerging as one of the leading democracies of the continent. Do these things make love more difficult? Well, rest assured, they create an indestructible foundation!


Mothers Around the World in Photos. USA

New York, New York – the megalopolis with its always-stunning cosmopolitan flair and the city where kids can legitimately compete with their parents for local fashion awards. This is the embodiment of the modern Western family apparatus; the mother and the child taking the urban jungle with ease and smile, working to make it big from day one. Mother knows the best places in Soho, so follow in her footsteps!


Mothers Around the World in Photos. Canada

Moving up to the north, we have a vintage-flavoured scene featuring an oldies expo and a proud Canadian mom holding her precious baby between two others. Appreciate the old wheels early and witness the authentic vehicle while there’s still some time. There might come a time when mama won’t be able to hold you, and the only cars around will be those without four wheels floating above your head.


Mothers Around the World in Photos. Russia

Culture and the tradition, of which religion is pretty much a constitute of, are some of the most fundamental things we can leave for the following generations to cherish and accumulate. This Russian mother and her baby girl are lighting the traditional Eastern Orthodox Church candles, a symbol that represents the light of God, as well as the purity of its worshipper. There’s something genuinely amazing about the unfeigned belief apparent in this photo.


Mothers Around the World in Photos. Brazil

The joy and the undying vigor of life, despite whatever may come in the way, are the trademarks of Brazilian spirit. The lady standing by the retro vehicle is simply radiating motherly happiness whilst the baby has still a couple of weeks, or, more likely, days, to meet and greet the world in its true glory. Here we can only learn how to embrace the world the proper way!



On the other hand, there’s the serene and reasonably reserved Nordic way of life, which is always calm, always rational, yet as loving, kind and nature-bound as any other mother and child duo found here. A particular Scandinavian vibe is strong within this one – it’s the mom and her little girl having a stroll among the lush countryside with the only thing missing being the soundtrack composed by Edvard Grieg.


The little girl seems to be fully ready to give her mom a big sweet bite. This is the magical feeling you get when pride and joy strike at the very same time! In preparation for the Chinese New Year, these locals are looking for the most beautiful traditional dressings in Yaowarat Road, the Bangkok’s Chinatown. The emotions are truly not affected by geography. In fact, if you’d take a repeated stroll, you might notice the same mother and child, only in a different cultural garnish!

The United Kingdom

Without trying to embrace a stereotype or two, there’s something inherently royal about this mother and child photo. Guess when it comes to the U.K., we’re subconsciously measuring everything up against the image of the family residing in Westminster Abbey. Or, maybe, it’s the general London-ish vibe this photo emits. Whatever is the case, the little gent and his mother present a one of a kind unity. Even their clothes are matched!


Probably the most personal and poignant of all the photos here, this monochrome jewel is not only a close up in a literal sense. The solicitude and the gentleness apparent in the eyes of the mother, as well as the vulnerability seen in the gaze of the baby for whom nothing is customary yet, are so sincere and genuine, you might start to wonder why the world still hesitates to become a better place.

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