Hilarious movie posters as Halloween wall art

Horror Movie Posters for Your Halloween Wall Art

Get ready for an overkill of B-Movie cheesiness, goofy antagonists and a bit of inappropriate innuendo! And, of course, lots of “creature from the depths of space” things. These are some terrifying (and terrifyingly hilarious) vintage horror movie posters that will enhance the best of your Halloween night!

1.Nabonga’s Done

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

In fact, it’s Nabonga who looks desperately in need of a savior. Whether this was a bad joke by the illustrator or the man simply couldn’t be bothered to finish the job, we get another gorilla-type villain who doesn’t seem to be too much in the villain mood at all. Besides, it looks like someone forgot to tint the lower part.

2.That Gorilla

hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art


Proportions are imperative for a successful drawing. Thus, the little gorilla friend next to the legendary Bela Lugosi (in his full Amish attire) simply looks too sympathetic for a horror movie poster. And also, it’s kinda weird that Bela is on the poster twice wich comes off as some sort of a compositional error.  Regardless – there can never be too much of Bela Lugosi.

3.But Exactly How?

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art


This is not that bad of a vintage horror movie poster in itself. The problem here is the awkward title. Okay, it’s clear (sort of) who’s the bad guy here. However, the title simultaneously puts the worm-like creature in the position of the victim. It’s like he has challenged some sort of a social convention, a stereotype, standing alone against the ruthlessness of the world, which wouldn’t be too surprising if you think about it.

4.The Monster Design

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

This one is actually pretty (in)famous. Since your movie has no budget whatsoever, the best solution is to grab everything you can find in the studio’s prop storage room. Thus, we end up with one of the most eclectic monsters in movie history. There’s surely a heck of a backstory to him.

5.Even with the Whole Description, It’s Just Not Intimidating

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

The pulse must be super slow then. Try as you might, this combo of a bird and a spider is not even remotely horrifying. How could one actually call this “the ravaging death”? And that “Shock by incredible shock” thing doesn’t help matters either.

6.The Most Boring Horror Movie Poster Ever

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

This might as well be one of the most bland and uninteresting of horror movie posters ever put together. The guy, who we presume is one of the dead men walking, looks like the director photographed during the filming. However, for what it’s worth, there’s a pop-artish charm all over this, so if not the best choice for the Halloween wall art, there’s a surely creative potential for your basement cineclub.

7.Oh Kitty

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

Yeah, well, take a look at the faces of the actors and then look at the creeping monster. There is no way that the cat didn’t belong to somebody on the set and that this wasn’t a last minute decision to avoid the studio firing everyone for the lack of a proper poster. The film, though, must be a real B-movie gold!

8.That Title

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

Imagine a world where satellites live on their own and decide to resolve their mutual problems by exchanging fire in an intergalactic battle! It’s the war of the satellites, and it’s up to you to decide which side you’ll join! That of a satellite or… the other satellite!


Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

It’s here because none of the three qualities mentioned on the left side seem to apply to the man in the center. 300,000 volts of horror while in reality, it looks like John Cusack after a particularly heavy night.

10.Too Much Energy Drink

Hilarious horror movie posters. Halloween wall art

Okay, sure, this is not even a film poster but a somewhat lazy DVD cover. However, one does not simply exclude something like this – a piercing stare, something you might see in the mirror after the fifth can of energy drink whilst working on a paper that’s due tomorrow.

As one guy once said, the common trait of all bad movie posters is that they represent something the actual movie does not contain. We hope that this fact does not apply to any of these! Happy Halloween and enjoy the best of the B Horror movie gold!