Canvas Prints of Pets – The Best Canvas Prints

All the uuh’s and aww’s in the world cannot express our sincere affection towards our best friend, be it a tail-jacking, spit-dripping St. Bernard, the purring, chubby Garfield replica on the sofa, or a tongue shooting lizard on your palm. Animals are spectacular and, as such, should be accordingly celebrated. Creating a shrine for your parrot, kitty, tarantula, or guinea pig might as well be the best thing to do in the first quarter of 2018!

The Frame His/Her Majesty Deserves

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Cats. While It’s still a mystery who’s the true master once you have one of these furballs at your place, the nobility and the incredibly funny, self-centered demeanor has made cats into one of the most popular pets across the whole UK. Only naturally, this royal creature has to receive a proper mark of recognition!

Le Bird

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints


Parrots are renowned for their capacity to provide our daily lives with genuinely hilarious moments. Whether it’s a tumultuous shaking of their mohawk against the backdrop of a heavy metal track or their tendency to repeat phrases we might not want others to know are in our vocabulary, these peculiar birds will surely provide moments worth laughing about!

The Hissing Mistress

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Moving into the territory of the twilight zone of National Geographic… Okay, that’s really nonsense. Long gone are the days when snakes were looked upon as some sort of an unholy mythological beast that’s there to devour and poison everything in its way. In fact, a surprisingly significant number of people prefer them as their loyal companions. With that said, just like any other animal, reptiles are also a subject of both intentional and unintentional animal cruelty. We encourage to carefully consider before inviting one of these gracious and fascinating creatures into your home as they have specific needs one needs to respect at all times.

The Great Hare

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Okay, in the age where constant video documentation has become a staple activity, it’s safe to say most of the darlings on this list have done some incredibly funny things. Hares and bunnies are no exception. Constantly sniffing, consuming carrots at incredible speeds, and all the while maintaining their indifferent gaze and pointed or floppy ears, bunnies are always too cute to believe.


Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

For thousands of years, from prehistoric cave paintings to baroque paintings to casual selfies, dogs are the undisputed champions when it comes to loyalty, unconditional love, and the inexhaustible wish to make their master feel prouder and better. Not to undermine any of the other entries on the list, dogs are the quintessential man’s best friend.

You Have Three Wishes

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Goldfish- a tiny freshwater creature that can bring so much joy by simply circling around in its aquarium. Yet, there is so much more to it. The symbol of good luck, the animal with a legacy that’s built upon incredible myths, and tales surrounding its peculiarly colored scales, the goldfish is a beauty to behold!


Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

An incredibly smart ally of ours, the piglet with its perpetual smile is another sunshine in our lives. With the constant oinking, sniffing, and little feet tripping down the hallway, you’re in for a companion that has a pronounced sense of personality and independence! These are terrific pets that may occasionally (if not intentionally) test your patience, often to a hilarious effect!


Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Although not pets in a conventional way (e.g. with some minor exceptions, we don’t keep them at home), horses are extremely popular animals held in a high regard for their sheer athletic ability and majestic appearance (also, for the fact that they’ve been our greatest sidekicks in some of the nastiest pages of history). Powerful and incredibly photogenic, it’s no wonder they make such a great photo wall art material!

Having Your Companion(s) with You on Coffee Breaks

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Now, all of this is, of course, great, but one cannot bear the canvas of his/her beloved pet at all times. With that said, there are a lot of additional means to acquire the much-needed inspiration from the little pal waiting at home! A photo magic mug, for example, is a perfect way to remind yourself of the furball(s) whenever you’re having a coffee break. There is nothing better than a melted heart every time you look into those tiny eyes!

Or Within a Hand’s Reach at All Times

Canvas Prints of Pets - The Best Wall Art Prints

Another great way of providing yourself with the little reminder of the joy that is your pet companion is creating a photo charm that stays under your palm for the better part of the day. To do so, there’s no better option than a photo mouse mat! See for yourself!

Considering the amount of love our pets receive on a daily basis, there definitely must be quite a few photos you’d like to see printed! Check out our assortment of products and pick the best product to print your beloved companion on!