8 Romantic Trends Around the Globe. 18+

You’re probably already the proud owner of various stereotypes about your fellow man or woman, reinforced by weird tales about romantic habits in the Far-East and rumours about the intimate peculiarities of the much closer Germany. However, research conducted by the photo experts at My-Picture.co.uk indicates an entirely different truth. As it turns out, we do enjoy pictures of semi-naked people,

though not as much as we’re led to think.

Romantic Photos Around the World

In their strive to unveil the what exactly is the most popular romantic subject to take photos of, My-Picture analysed 100,000 photos printed and ordered via their website by the residents of the six following countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. The software used to analyze the photographs is able to loosely recognize thematically related visual items thereby providing a possibility of sorting out photos that feature aspects one traditionally might associate with the term “romantic”. With that said, though, some of the outcoming tags were surprisingly NSFW-natured.

All in all, the results were quite fascinating and stereotypes-defying. The biggest suppliers of romantic photos were the US, with 45%, or approximately 45,000 photos, coming from the land of the free; with the UK firmly in second place with 24% of romantic photos provided by the people residing in the British Isles.

Romantic Photos Around the World

The results also strongly indicate that we might have to

Overall, France has contributed with less than 4% (or approximately 4000) of romantic photos, giving in to countries like the Netherlands (5%) and the new Continental champion of love – Germany (20%). Meanwhile, Belgium is proudly responsible for the remaining 1%.

Romantic Photos Around the World

Germany also stole the show as the biggest flower giver, with 45% of the photos featuring flower bouquets coming from there (despite the close bond that the Netherlands has with tulips). France, despite being the home of the Moulin Rouge and the whole cabaret culture, contributed nothing to the “Showgirls” tag.

Romantic Photos Around the World

Contrary to what one might have expected, it’s the old-fashioned items that appear in our photos most often, with the absolute champion, in this case, being the wedding dress (36,000 units!). At the same time seemingly steamy topics like “Erotic dancing“, “Lingerie” and “Showgirls” were a relatively rare occurrence. What is even more surprising, is the fact the whole 1000 photos compiling the former category come solely from a single country. And it’s definitely not the one you expected! The most positive outcome from the whole campaign? Romantic concepts such as “Love” and “Romance“, though it’s not entirely clear how exactly the software detected them within the photos, are still important and are shared by almost all the countries involved.


*Due to the highly specific and relative nature of the software and the results generated, some of the numbers were rounded for more effective calculations.

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