Analogue Photography Is the Most Romantic Thing Ever. Here’s How

Romantic photos these days there are numerous and encompass several different styles. However, the better part of them rarely inhere that kind of ethereal quality one might associate with the levity of love. In fact, most of them are DSLR-dry, clean cut and generic enough to be put in whichever random ad you might think […]


Small Town, Cheap Filters (a.k.a How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Them)

To put this weird piece into perspective, I’ve always been a solemn loather of filters. Even the slightest post-processing addition via VSCO, or any other app for that matter, induced me with a legitimate contempt, and not simply because of the hate (or, shall we say, prejudice) towards the counterfeit nature of it all manifesting […]