Why Tomorrow Is the Best Day to Get Your Christmas Gift

Why Tomorrow Is the Best Day to Get Your Christmas Gift

Sure, you might already have your cart full of goodies. Sure, you might be avoiding tedious Christmas advertisements like a plague. And sure, this one has all the predicaments to be deemed as such. However, your mid-season time-out might have come too early. Tomorrow is the best day to get your Christmas gift. Simple as that. And now, let us elaborate on why exactly it’s so. First off, you won’t have to pay for it.

Secondly, It Will Be a Fun Game to Play!

Now, what can set a person into the festive mood more than unexpected free items? Perhaps an exciting game played in real time with numerous other people competing with you at the same time! A little “Spot the Christmas Spirit” match this Sunday, December 17th will make your holiday season merrier and brighter than you could have ever imagined!

How It Will Happen

Now, this is all you need to know. There will be one session with no precise time given before. Your only task is to lock on the game once it’s on the screen and spot the Christmas Spirit to acquire a high quality, fully customizable photo item completely for free! Yes, not a single penny from your side! What’s the best about it? Anyone who spots the Spirit is a winner! Just leave a comment on where you think the spirit is to be found and, if your eyes aren’t fooling you, you will be notified of your prize on December 18th!

The Prizes (all customizable to bear your favourite photos):


There is none, our specially prepared Christmas room can pop at any moment for the duration of December 17th! As real Christmas miracles do! Keeping our FB page open will be the only safe ticket to not miss the competition!

We wish you the greatest of luck and may the Christmas spirit be found not only in our special Christmas rooms but in every room around the world!