What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It’s Not a Photo Album

At first, you may think that both are actually one and the same. In fact, people tend to confuse the two more often than you think, despite some rather significant differences. This time, we’re going to explore what a photo book is and what sets it apart from a regular photo album. Let’s get into it, shall we?

A Photo Book Is More of a Photo Album Successor


First things first, the photo album is somewhat more of a predecessor of the modern photo book. The biggest difference is probably the fact that the traditional photo album uses actual, developed photos that are inserted into transparent plastic sleeves or secured with decorative threads. The photo book, on the other hand, uses printed versions of your photos that are not just digitally recreated but are, in fact, printed right onto the pages of your photo book. Is it any worse because of this? Certainly, no.

Same Feeling, Different Approach

The personalised photo book is not just some semi-authentic modern approach to the traditional formula. More than anything, it is just a natural progression of the format as we foray further into the digital age.

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album. Modern photo book.

To begin with, the printed versions of your photos will bear the same exact quality as the originals. Secondly, you won’t have to use the original photos, which can be safely put aside as part of a precious collection. Here, we’re referring strictly to actually developed snaps on real photo paper. Safe to say, some older photos often indeed have only one copy left. Thereby, it’s crucial to have a chance to include the image in photo memories without subjecting the original to any risk.

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album. Old original photos.

Although today, many people still use photo albums the way they were originally intended, the photos themselves have been pretty much entirely replaced with photo prints. In the case of the photo book, it’s taken even further with no use of removable images (printed or developed) to speak of. The photo book, as the name already implies, is actually pretty much a book in and of itself.

More Means of Making Your Photo Collection Personal

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album. Modern photo book. Top View.

With photos printed directly on the pages and arranged in a design selected solely by you, the photo book truly extends creative horizons. The customization of your personal photo story knows no limits when it comes to editing your photo book using our online editor. With a wide range of available designs, text features, appealing edges, adjustable colours, etc., the creation of your photo book is an exciting process. Page by page, you’ll be creating your very own book featuring your very own story. Meanwhile, the rich selection of formats will suit any scenario you might want to print as your photo story.

For Every Taste, Occasion and Story

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album. Wedding themed photo book.

Photo books from My-Picture.co.uk arrive in three different formats. These are:

  • Hardcover
  • With ring binders
  • Softcover

While the first of the three will provide a sturdy, thorough feeling, the second one will be perfect for those who appreciate flexibility and lightness. Meanwhile, the softcover solution is the most suitable format for small-scale products. But, there are more choices to be made!

Regardless of the cover, photo books are also available in six different size formats. These are:

  • A5 Portrait
  • A5 Landscape
  • Square
  • A4 portrait
  • A4 Landscape
  • XXL

Note: While all six sizes are available for the hardcover and ring-bound photo books, the softcover photo books come only in the A6 format!

Professional Look

What Is a Photo Book? And, Why It's Not a Photo Album. Woman looking at a professional photo book.

Think of all the Pinterest wedding mood boards and incredibly charming Instagram quotes you’ve seen. A photobook is your chance to mimic these trendy aesthetics and acquire completely professional-looking results in the process. Indeed, you will see that the quality of your custom photo book surpasses the shelf-based equivalent. It’s a quality you will feel just by touching the finished product!

Go for your photo book now! Enter My-Picture.co.uk photo book creator and start designing your photo book online! Whether you use your cell phone, tablet or desktop computer, the editor will work equally smooth on all three platforms, making the process a real joy!